Global Exposure - IIBR

The world is huge, so are the opportunities in it

The world is huge, so are the opportunities in it.

The boundaries across nations have eloped. So, the businesses have gone international. ASM Group’s Institute of International Business and Research (IIBR) provides exposure to world-class businesses, enabling the students prepared for global challenges.

With the rapidly increasing activity of global business, students need more than just theoretical knowledge of international markets. This is where practical education better prepares the students to understand socio-economically diverse nations.

Through overseas study tours, internship programs abroad, student exchange programs and learning from foreign faculty the students gain exposure to the cultural, social, industrial, historical and financial aspects of other nations. ASM Group’s Institute of International Business and Research (IIBR) provides an exposure to countries leading in world business making the student prepared for global challenges.

International Tie-Ups

The ASM Group of Institutes has signed Memorandums of Understanding with leading universities like CETYS University – Mexico, City University of Seattle, Marketing Institute of Singapore Vistula University – Poland, Hochschule University of Applied Sciences – Germany

International Study Tours

We organise overseas tours to various economically,culturally and socially diverse countries

International Student Exchange

ASM organises various student exchange programs which are aimed at increasing the threshold of the students’ global perspectives, which are conducted for both ASM students as well as foreign students

International Speakers

Many international academicians and research scholars visit our campus and provide our students with global perspectives

International Faculty at ASM's IIBR

At IIBR, the students get an opportunity to learn from expert faculties from universities of various countries, making them ready to face global business challenges

Chambers of Commerce

The students visit the chambers of commerce of various countries where they are exposed to real-time business proceedings to make them industry ready

International Industry Visits

Numerous visits to industries are conducted throughout the year for the students of IIBR, to enable them to learn the practical application of the industry


Various conferences are carried out by visiting dignitaries and stalwarts of the industry on topics related to current trends and challenges in the corporate world

Participation in Expositions

Our students actively participate in the Pune- Expo, organised by MCCIA These increase their interaction with corporate and also end consumers, to give them a complete picture of the business scenario