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Affiliated to University of Pune & approved by AICTE, Govt. of India

Admission Open 2015

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Admission Open 2015

Rules & Regulations:

  • Ragging in any form inside & outside Institute is strictly prohibited .Supreme court, AICTE/ Government of India & Government of Maharashtra has given instructions to prohibit the ragging in all Institute /Colleges, these are to be followed strictly. Any violation of these rules will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken against the student found indulged in any ragging activity.

  • Smoking & Drinking and use of cell phones are strictly prohibited in the Institute & Hostels.

  • Library book should be returned on or before time.

  • Perfect silence must be maintained in the Institute, Classes, library and Reading Room etc.

  • Students should not wear T-shirts and jeans, Dress with photo prints and unwanted slogans in the institute.

  • Writing on wall, furniture, drawing tables, college buses and bathrooms is strictly prohibited. Students must handle college property with care.

  • Students should use dustbins for throwing any unwanted material.

  • Reach class at least 5 minutes before start of the class and examination centre.

  • The students should note that he / she is responsible to the institute not only for his / her conduct in the premise of the Institute but also for his / her conduct in general even outside the premises.

  • Student should help in maintaining the building and the campus of the institute clean and tidy.

  • Student must observe orderly silence in the premises of the Institute. They must not loiter in the premises when classes are in progress.

  • According to rules 75% attendance in each subject is necessary. Attendance below 75% due to any reason without prior permission (family function, illness, etc.) may result in disqualification in examination.

  • Students should participate in the seminars, workshops and attend guest lectures, attendance for the same will be also considered.

  • Internal assessment/term work marks will be given on the basis of his/her performance in mid–semester tests, assignments, tutorial, seminars & workshop participation, attendance or as per the guidelines from time to time for various courses.

  • Every student of the Institute is provided with an Identity Card, which he / she should always carry with him / her and produce whenever called upon to do so by the competent authorities. Student of the Institute are requested to carry Identity card while traveling. The Identity card & admit card, will have to be produced at the time of examinations.

  • Students are requested to note that any application for issue of bonafide certificate and/or any other certificate for concessions, scholarships etc., should be submitted at least 7 days in advance to enable the institute to prepare the same.

  • Students are required to read the notices regularly on the Notice Boards of the Institute; ignorance in this regard is not an excuse.

  • The Institute shall not accept any responsibility for any loss / damage arising out of failure to read the notices in time.

  • Any damage to the property movable / immovable of the Institute will be viewed very seriously and may lead to recovery of appropriate cost of damages and disciplinary action as deemed fit.

  • The students are bound by the rules and regulations made by the Institute from time to time. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall rest at the absolute discretion of the Director who also reserves the right of modifying these rules and when felt necessary, and the Director’s discretion will be in final.

  • The dates for payment of fees, submitting the eligibility forms, submission of examination forms etc. will be put on Notice board. The same should be followed and no concession will be given from the dates.

  • Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum and spitting are strictly prohibited on the premises of the institute. Any student found indulging in such acts will be punished.

  • Students should participate in seminars, workshops and attend guest lectures and maximum attendance for the above is recommended for the students’ benefit.

  • Failing to keep the terms may disqualify a student from being considered for the final examination.

  • Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • The library deposit shall be refunded within the month after the last examination on submission of no due certificate from the office of IIBR and NOC from the librarian.

  • Any application for the issuance of bonafide certificate and / or any other certificate for concessions, scholarships etc should be submitted at least 7 days in advance to enable the institute to prepare the same.

  • The institute reserves the right to change the name or cancel a course as per Govt. guidelines and Regulations.

  • This document is printed in March 2014. Please contact the office for any new updates or changes in the rules and regulations.

  • Students residing at the hostel must abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities, failing which serious action will be taken.

  • All disputes are subject to Pune City jurisdiction. Important Note: Any Changes in Government Policy regarding the taxation applicable to fees & any charges the same shall be collected /recovered from the students.